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Are you sick and tired of being in pain?

Are you frustrated that everything you have tried to eliminate the pain doesn’t work?  Are you constantly asking yourself how come your doctor has failed to help you get rid of the pain?

Truth #1: Your doctors are guessing at the reason for your pain.  And because they are not able to pinpoint the exact cause of the pain, all their treatments are misdirected at the wrong thing.

If the diagnosis is wrong – the treatment won’t work. Period, end of story.  Basically – “You can’t fix it if you don’t know what’s broken.”

Perhaps you had a real injury or accident that caused the pain.  But that should have healed long ago.  Maybe your pain came out of nowhere and has progressively gotten worse to the point where your pain is chronic.

Many of you have had X-Rays and MRI’s that showed frightening things.  And because your doctor can SEE it, they jump to the conclusion that the abnormality is THE REASON for the pain.  Studies have proven that 65% of people WITHOUT pain also have bulging and herniated disks.

Let’s just say that even though your spine may not be perfect – it’s not a foregone conclusion that you will live in pain the rest of your life.

Truth #2: You are NOT alone.  Millions of people suffer back pain. We spend approximately $100 Billion dollars a year on Back Pain treatments – most of which only provide temporary relief if any.  Back pain is the #2 cause for missed work – second only to the common cold.

Truth #3: Through the power of knowledge and accurate thinking – you can beat your pain.

Here is My Promise:

This website will put you on the correct path to living pain free.

I know, that sounds like a grand claim, especially if you’ve been in pain for a long time.

I have overcome 11 long years of pain and I know you can too.  The same methods I have discovered have worked for tens of thousands of people eliminating months, years, decades and lifetimes of pain.

And it was all done without drugs, physical exercises, stretching, injections, manipulations, massage, acupuncture or even surgery.

You Need to Suspend your Disbelief Long Enough to Learn what’s Going On!

Dig into this site and the resources I am making available.  Open your eyes, open your mind.

The Truth About Back Pain is right in front of you.

Dan Buglio
Recovered Back Pain Sufferer