Chronic Back Pain – How does it develop?


backpain-300x207Look, I have no idea how your pain started.  Perhaps it was an injury, or maybe like me – it came out of nowhere doing something stupid that could NEVER cause an injury – like putting on your underwear.

It doesn’t really matter how the pain started.

At some point your pain became chronic and never went away.  As noted in my Truth About Back Pain Report, any injury should heal and stop hurting.  Even the most traumatic accidents and injuries heal.  Even discs heal.

So why does pain become chronic?  Here are my theories and they are agreed upon by many TMS doctors and people who have successfully beaten their pain.

Chronic Pain Life Cycle:

  1. Pain starts. (for whatever reason)
  2. It hurts so we become afraid.
  3. When the pain doesn’t immediately go away – we expect it to be there.
  4. What we focus on magnifies.  Because we are so focused on the pain – it grows into a monster.
  5. Medical testing just scares us even more when our doctors find “normal” abnormalities and tell us that we are broken.  Now we’re really freaked out.
  6. The media tells us that we are frail and not able to handle sitting, sleeping, bending, lifting without risk of injuring ourselves. It’s B.S.  Heck, now kids can’t even use back packs.
  7. Your family and friends sympathy and warnings of “be careful” do nothing but make you focus on the pain and be more fearful.
  8. Repeating terms like “I have a bad back.” program your mind and create a belief system within yourself that you are broken.  Others tell you that you are broken too.
  9. Nobody takes ownership of their own health.  They want a doctor to “fix me”.  Give me a pill, injection or surgery to fix me.  It’s your body and my special report gives you the tools to regain control of that body of yours.
  10. Treatments fail because they were based on a misdiagnosis.  They never had a chance because they focus on the symptom, not the cause.  When treatments fail – often repeatedly – we lose hope.
  11. When hope is gone, despair sets in.
  12. The pain becomes part of our every day lives.  We fear it.  We expect it.  We can’t think of anything except our pain.
  13. We become our pain.

I know this sounds like a familiar chain of events.  Fortunately we can break this vicious cycle of pain and programming.

For a complete understanding of what’s going on, along with a Quick Start checklist, download my special Truth About Back Pain “Special Report”.  Enter your email to the top right of this page.  If you don’t see it, make sure you are on and you can request your free report there.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought.  Does this article describe YOUR experience with pain?

Talk soon…

Dan Buglio

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