12 Years of Back Pain Did this to Me


100_0445I’m pretty embarrassed to show you this picture.  I’m fat – and crooked.  But I want to make a point – even at my own expense.

What about this picture?

My back curves like an “S”.  My shoulders are tilted.  My hips are out of whack.  Even my head tilts due to the angle of my spine. Look how much closer my right arm is to my right hip compared to the left side.

My physical therapist assured me I was one of the worst cases he’s seen.  I guess compensating for the pain and muscle spasms over all those years created muscle imbalances that twisted me like a pretzel.

Physical therapy and stretching didn’t work.  Muscle balancing didn’t work.  Chiropractic care didn’t work. I was convinced I was screwed.

Yet – 6 months after these pictures were taken – the pain went away.  I’m still crooked.

But the pain is gone.

What has this meant to me?

  • I can play golf again and I’m close to my previous scores.
  • I can run on a treadmill.
  • I can lift weights.
  • I can do work around the house.
  • I don’t have to plan how I’m going to sit, stand, lay down for fear of pain.
  • I can do pretty much whatever I want physically now.

In summary – I got my LIFE BACK.

If I can do it with a back that STILL looks like this – you can too.

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Talk soon…

Dan Buglio

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August 21, 2009

8:09 am #

Wow Dan, you obviously have some scoliosis there but scoliosis does not equal back pain. I had scoliosis with no pain whatsoever.
Keep up the blogging, I’d love to hear more on how you beat and continue to beat TMS.

3:23 pm #

That is true, scoliosis develops as the spine grows which is why it’s most common in teenagers. It cannot develop in adults.
You are living proof that being crooked doesn’t have to mean being in pain, *unless* you believe all the crap that the doctors tell you!
Oh, and you are most definitely not fat!!!!

August 24, 2009

7:04 pm #

Dan –

This is a good post: short, graphic, to the point.
Most people go on and on and lose their audience.


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